The Top 5 Pancake Houses in North Myrtle Beach

When you plan your visit to North Myrtle Beach, you usually begin with researching your accommodations, then move on to what to pack, what attractions you’ll visit, and what the weather will be like. I’m here to tell you, breakfast is definitely something you should consider thinking of, as North Myrtle Beach has many, many choices. While fast food is convenient and the major chains you have back home (waffle house, IHOP, etc.) are familiar, you shouldn’t overlook the local pancake houses which have been proven institutions for decades. Here’s the top 5 pancake houses in North Myrtle Beach (in no particular order).

My favorite pancakes on the beach!

Golden Griddle –

Location – 508 Main St

Hours Open – 6AM – 1PM

Year opened – 1981

Go here because – Golden Griddle has been a local favorite of vacationers, shaggers, fishermen, and golfers for almost 40 years! You know they are doing something right! Great service and everything that you’d expect from a classic pancake house. Golden Griddle has without a doubt, the most fluffy and perfect pancakes I’ve ever had. They come out piping hot and the whipped butter is amazing. If you are looking to start your day right – this is the place!

Johnny D’s is “Next Level” good!

Johnny D’s –

Location – 3900 Hwy 17 South

Hours Open – 7AM – 2:30 PM

Year opened – 2014

Go here because – Johnny D’s is the most unique breakfast experience at the beach. Of course, you have the traditional breakfast fare (which is amazing!), but there’s so much more to indulge your taste buds. If you have never been to Johnny D’s, you owe it to yourself to check it out. You have to experience the care and details that Chef Jamie Daskalis has put into this wonderful menu. Red Velvet Waffles, Shrimp and Crab Omelets, Brisket Benedict, and seasonal specialties can be found. Their lunch menu is also very, very good! Johnny D’s is a can’t miss! Don’t take my word for it, though – The Food Network voted Johnny D’s to have the best waffles in all of South Carolina!

Plantation = Culinary Bliss!

Plantation Pancake House –

Location – 2001 US 17 N.

Hours Open –

Fri-Sat, 12AM-2PM; 10PM-12AM

Sunday, 12AM – 2PM

Monday-Wednesday 6AM – 2PM

Thursday 6AM-2PM; 10PM-12AM

Year opened – 1972

Go here because – Plantation is one of the oldest and most beloved restaurants in North Myrtle Beach. The service is as wonderful as the delicious food that has made generations of North Myrtle Beach travelers and locals happy with full bellies and big smiles! Opening at 10PM, it’s one of the most popular spots for Burgers, Fries, Breakfast, and more. If you are heading out for a deep sea fishing trip and need to get something that will stick to your ribs, Plantation has you covered! Many times, after attending a concert at the House of Blues, my friends and family has dined here on country fried steak, stuffed French toast, bacon cheesburgers, and awesome omelets! Come see why people keep coming back again and again!

Dino’s has been serving great food for 50 years!

Dino’s –

Location – 2120 Hwy 17 South

Hours Open – 6AM – 2PM

Year opened – 1970

Go here because – Simply put – it’s Awesome! When you are looking for a breakfast that will make you feel right at home, you’ve surely found it! Dino’s has one of the most recognizable signs that has welcomed folks to North Myrtle Beach for over 50 years. Their biscuits and gravy are my favorite here on the Grand Strand and their lunch menu is solid with a terrific fish sandwich, wraps, and burgers. You can’t go wrong with any dish at Dino’s!

“Stacks” makes you happy!

Hot Stack’s –

Location – 87 HWY 17 North

Hours Open – 6AM – 1:30PM

Year opened – 1991

Go here because – Hot Stacks, or simply “Stacks” as us locals call it, is well known for its great food and great prices (seriously – their weekday specials are AMAZING!). A favorite of mine is the “Cowboy Scramble Skillet”, which includes: hash browns are loaded with 3 eggs that are scrambled with choice of: ham, bacon or sausage. Topped with cheddar cheese. Locals have loved coming here for lunch, as they features some of the best home cooked meals you can find: Fried Chicken, Steak, Flounder, Roast Beef, Roasted Turkey, and Fried Shrimp will make you full and content.

North Myrtle Beach is just like many popular tourist destinations in that we’ve seen restaurants come and go through the years. If the food isn’t good and the service warm and welcoming, you won’t make it here on the Grand Strand. Don’t forget to plan breakfast. Like momma always said: “It’s the most important meal of the day!”

Jason Coker is originally from the metropolis of Burlington, NC and is passionate about vacation experiences. Being able to indulge in the many great pancake houses here in NMB, makes him a lucky guy! An aficionado of music, sports, and all things geeky, Jason spends his free time performing music, grilling out, and relaxing with his son, daughter, and lovely wife, Amy.

The Top 5 Pancake Houses in North Myrtle Beach