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Posted on 5/19/2022

Top 5 Places to Eat in Cherry Grove

Cherry Grove is one of the most special areas in not just North Myrtle Beach, but the entire Grand Strand. It is the northern most section of our region and is a bit isolated because of the inlet and having no through traffic. Its certainly a destination and one of the most quiet and

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Posted on 12/17/2021

New Year's Eve at the Beach!

The Best Way to Start New Years Eve at the BeachThe Grand Strand certainly has its share of special times throughout the year with great festivals, holiday times like Memorial Day and the 4th of July, and of course, Christmas at the Beach. If you visit just about any time,

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Posted on 9/16/2021

Early Arrivals

Arrive too early? Don't get caught waiting! Theres nothing as exciting as going on vacation. Taking a trip with the people you want to most spend time with, in a location that is fun, while not working and doing exactly what you want, is the pinnacle of most peoples year. The

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Posted on 4/16/2021

Piracy in the Low Country

Pirates left a lasting impression on the culture and economy of the Carolinas. When thinking of pirates, most inevitably have visions ofswashbuckling, flamboyantly dressed, buccaneers who bear resemblance to Jack,sorry - Captain Jack Sparrow or maybe Henry Morgan, from the Captain

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Posted on 7/3/2018

Cherry Grove Pier Fireworks 2018

This July 4th nothing will bring America's Independence Day to a better close than being surrounded by family, friends, and even strangers with your eyes to the sky eagerly anticipating the first BOOM and CRACK of the annual Cherry Grove Pier Fireworks. Cherry Grove Pier at Prince

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Posted on 6/2/2018

We Offer the Best Seat in Town for Fourth of July Fireworks

With the Fourth of July holiday weekend fast approaching youre going to want to stay on top of what's taking place around North Myrtle Beach during that time. It's a prime summer weekend when people visit the beach so make your plans now to stay at Prince Resort where you'll have the best

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Posted on 4/5/2018

Style, Comfort and New Colors Await Your Arrival

With the warmer temperatures of spring having arrived its a wonderful time to enjoy our less crowded beaches, popular beach attractions, super shopping in outdoor malls, and what could very well be the best golfing of your life! Right now is the perfect time to book your beach vacation at

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