Cherry Grove Pier


1950’s – Families vacation at the new Cherry Grove Fishing Pier

1963 - The Prince family builds the Holiday House Motel next to the pier

1965 - The Prince family buys the Pier

1964 - Walter Maxwell catches world record tiger shark, 1,780 lb., from Cherry Grove Pier. It is the only all-tackle world record ever caught in South Carolina. The shark weighed approximately 2,000 lbs. The shark was not weighed until the next day in Loris.

1968 - Cherry Grove Beach, Windy Hill Beach, Crescent Beach, and Ocean Drive Beach join together to form the City of North Myrtle Beach

1970's - The pier is renovated and the tackle shop is expanded. Additionally, a restaurant is opened at the pier.

1989 - The Pier is destroyed by Hurricane Hugo. It is rebuilt with a two-story observation deck.

1999 - Hurricane Floyd snaps off the observation deck and carries it 1000 yards down the beach. The observation deck is rebuilt and renovated in time for the next summer season.

2001 - The tackle shop is renovated and access to the pier widened to handle the record crowds.


The pier is growing as one of the most popular family fishing and sightseeing destinations on the South Carolina coast.


“When headed to the beach, the Prince Resort is the only place we choose to stay! We love everything about it- Great customer service, comfortable, clean rooms, and fun access to the Cherry Grove pier!”
- Bonnie Griffin, Prince Resort Guest



Do I need a saltwater fishing license to fish from the Pier?


What bait do you carry?

Mullet, Shrimp, Squid, Live Bloodworms, Artificial Bloodworms


When is your fishing season?

February 1st through December 1st

Where can I park?

Paid parking is available beside Tower 1 of Prince Resort

Do you accept Credit Cards?

Yes, Visa, Discover, Mastercard and American Express

What kind of fish can you catch from the pier?

Bluefish, Pompano, Specs, Sheepshead, Spots, Whiting, Red Drum, Sea Trout, Blue Crab, Summer Flounder, King Mackerel and Spanish Mackerel, Gray Trout or Weakfish and Spadefish or Angelfish

Is there an age requirement to fish at the pier?


What Conditions effect fishing?

The position of the sun, the moon and the tides

“Loved being so close to Cherry Grove Pier!”- Katie Vertrees, Prince Resort Guest

How do I fish from the pier?

Cast and let your bait drift with the tide, or fish on the bottom.


How do I catch more fish?

• Use the proper tackle

• Watch the experienced fishermen

• Family members can teach each other

• Use fresh bait and change bait frequently for the best results

• Use enough weight on your line when bottom fishing for the current and tide conditions

• Ask the fishing pros in our tackle shop how the fish are biting and what is the best bait to use

• Keep loud conversation, music, and noises to a minimum. Sound carries great distances under water and can drive fish away.



Summer hours:

Sunday-Thursday: 6:00 am-12:00 am

Friday and Saturday 6:00 am to 2:00 am


Off-Season hours:

Sunday-Thursday 7:00 am – 8:00 pm

Friday-Saturday 7:00 am – 10:00 pm


Parking Lot Hours:

Sunday-Saturday 6am-10pm


*Hours are subject to change with the seasons, please call 843-249-1625 for more information.



With your own rod

$3.00 admission (One Day Fishing Pass)

$7.50 per rod ($10.50 for 1 person with 1 rod)


Rod rentals

$24.00 for all day (with a $30 deposit)

$16.00 for half day after 3pm


Crab nets

$6.00 each for purchase


King Mackeral passes

$16.00 per day with personal proper set up


Walkers Pass



All persons on the pier must have an arm band.


*Season passes and season King passes are also available. Please call for more information.