Posted on 4/1/2020

Celebrate Easter at Home this Year

Celebrate Easter at Home

This Easter is not like weve ever experienced here at Prince Resort. Instead of getting to spend your Easter vacation here with us and in North Myrtle Beach, you will have to spend it at home. We know that this has been a very difficult decision for everyone, and it makes even us sad that you wont be here, we have come up with a few ways you can still dream youre at the beach. Lets look below at how you and your family can imagine and dream youre staying with us at Prince Resort and not at home.

Experience the Beach

Celebrate Easter at Home

While you may not be able to experience the beach this Easter, you can still experience it while you are at home. If you happen to have a sandbox in your backyard, then you can go set up a beach chair and umbrella in it. Then make sure you have a water hose or a little thing of water that the kids can splash on your feet to make you feel like your feet are in the ocean. Let the kids build a sandcastle in the sandbox or just let the kids play in the sand for a while. Watch our live webcam where you can see the beach or marsh. Imagine that youre on the beach with the family and listen to waves crashing in the background on your phone or using a smart device. Just have the best time of your lives as a family even though youre not at the beach this year.

Enjoy Easter at Home

Another thing that your family can do together is to hide those plastic eggs around your home and around the yard, including the sandbox. Not only will your kids feel like they are hunting for the eggs around the resort, but it will give them a chance to enjoy Easter morning too. Be sure to pick up some white vinegar and food coloring as you allow them to dye some eggs as they would have on vacation. Another way that your kids could enjoy Easter even though theyre not staying with us at Prince Resort is to print and color this coloring page that we have made for their enjoyment!

Plan Your Next Vacation

Celebrate Easter at Home

Even though you may not be at the beach enjoying Easter it doesnt mean you cant plan your next vacation. Staying in one of our Oceanfront vacation condo rentals will allow you to enjoy the sights and sounds of the beach. Listen to the kids play in the ocean or the pool and hear the waves crashing as you enjoy breakfast on the balcony. No matter how hard it may be to travel now, just think of the best vacation yet is to come this summer.

While there are many other things that your family can do while at home this Easter, these are a few that could help cheer you up. If you havent booked or planned your summer vacation to visit Prince Resort yet, now is the time. We cant wait to see you and your family make new memories this summer as you enjoy the resort and your vacation!

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